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School Access Route Plan Black Ridge Elementary

In accordance with state standards, Black Ridge Elementary has identified school access routes for Black Ridge students who live within the walk boundary established for the school. A map showing the identified routes can be viewed by following this ​link​.

The intent of a School Access Plan is NOT to identify every school access route or to identify the more convenient school access routes; it is to identify main walk/bike routes that students can use to get to school. Care has been taken to consult with local law enforcement, school PTSA and School Community Council representatives, and the District’s traffic safety committee in establishing school access routes. Despite broad consultation and agreement from all participating parties, no one, including the Alpine School District and Black Ridge Elementary can guarantee that the agreed upon access routes are or will ever be completely free from hazards.

Parents are encouraged to review and then walk the access routes with their child/children, to address specific concerns they may have, and to instruct their child/children to obey the laws and rules pertaining to pedestrian safety. If a parent feels their child/children should use an access route that IS NOT identified in this plan, it is their prerogative to instruct their child/children differently.

As previously stated, our intent in creating a School Access Route Plan is NOT to identify every school access route or to identify the more convenient school access routes. Our purpose is to outline main arterial routes that provide the safest school access for our Black Ridge students. For this plan, these routes have been identified and are described below:

School Access Route Descriptions

Busing Areas​: All students that live south of SR-73 will be bussed to Black Ridge Elementary. Additionally, students living east of N. Spring Mountain/Run Road will also be bussed (The Cottages). Bus stops and times are determined by ASD Transportation, and specific details are available online at ​​.

Walk/Bike Roads​: Students who live in areas that are not serviced by buses may follow the suggested safe walking/biking routes outlined below. These routes are described as follows:

West Residences​:

  1. Unpaved walking path from Meadow Ranch Hidden Park to Sunset Drive​ – this path is not heavily used and will take students coming from west residences directly to a crosswalk on Sunset Drive.
  2. Patriot Drive – ​there is a walking path that connects to E. Horizon Dr. From there, students should travel east until they arrive at Sunset Dr. Going south on Sunset Dr., students will arrive at the manned crosswalk.
  3. N. Horizon Drive​ – there is a walking path along this street that connects to Mustang Way, Blue Sky Drive, or E. Horizon Dr. Any of these paths will take students, traveling east, to Sunset Drive. Students on the south end of N. Horizon Drive may walk to Mustang Way and then to the unpaved walking path behind Meadow Ranch Hidden Park (#1).
  4. Blue Sky Drive​ – there is a walking path along this street that continues to E. Dugway Dr. Once on E. Dugway Dr., students may continue along this road to a paved path that connects to Sunset Dr.
  5. E. Sandhill Lane​ – students may follow this road to E. Dugway Dr. and continue to the paved path to Sunset Dr.
  6. W​est of Mustang Way/Hummer Drive​ – students living west of this road may connect with this road and take any of the above routes. There is no walking path between Autumn Drive and E. Dugway Drive.
  7. Bobcat Way​ – there is no sidewalk on Bobcat way, but it is a rural road with few residences. Students may walk down the road to the dirt path that winds around and connects with Sunset Drive. From there, students may continue north on Sunset to the crosswalk.East Residences (*note – this area of Black Ridge Elementary’s boundaries is rural and does not have a lot of sidewalks. Therefore, many students will need to carefully traverse roads that do not have sidewalks on them until they meet safe walking paths)​:
  8. E. Harvest Lane – s​ idewalk will take students from N. Shiloh Way (traveling west), to Autumn Drive where students may walk a short distance to a paved path that continues to the north, back playground of the school
  9. Walking path from Meadow Ranch North Park​ – this paved walking path runs north and south and keeps students away from main roads. It begins at Meadow Ranch North Park and continues through Meadow Ranch South Park. It crosses Autumn Drive, and students may either go west on Autumn Drive to Sunset (where they can continue to the school), or cross at an unmanned crosswalk on Autumn Drive to complete the path as it enters the north side of the school property.
  10. East/West Walking Path to Meadow Ranch North Park​ – this walking path joins the homes east of Elk Ridge Drive to the walking path that starts at Meadow Ranch North Park (#3). It allows students to connect to a safe walking route that enters the north side of Black Ridge Elementary. The path may be joined at various points along the way.
  11. E. Sunset Drive​ – this is a long road that extends north and south and is the road that the school is on. Students, however, should not travel the distance of the road if they live on E. Sunset Drive. Students should connect to N. Sorrel Drive and continue southeast until the come to the walking path that travels through Meadow Ranch North Park and Meadow Ranch South Park (see above). Paved walking path ends on E. Sunset Drive at a dangerous blind corner as it connects to Sunset Drive.
  12. Paved Path – ​there is a single, paved path that runs north and south, parallel to N. Shiloh Way and west of Wildflower Way and N. Spring Bridge. Students may connect at any point along this path from the Spring Run area, including a connection to the path off of E. Ox Bridge. This path will connect with the walking path at Meadow Ranch North Park (see #10).

Issues Requiring Attention from Alpine School District

New​ Issues Requiring Attention from a City or UDOT

Past​ Issues Requiring Attention from a City or UDOT

Safe walking path on Sunset Drive. Completed August 2018.

School Name: ​Black Ridge Elementary

Date:​ April 10, 2020

Principal: ______​Heather Jensen_______