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You will need to fill out the New Student Registration Packet found on this website under Information at the top of this page. We can also give you the packet at the school.

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Box Tops!

We won our Box Top competition with Pony Express!  We will still collect box tops all year, so keep sending them in.  Thank you for your support!


Want to donate to your child’s classroom or the school?  Donating to our school directly helps your child’s classroom and school programs. If there is a specific teacher or program you would like to donate to please enter that information when completing the donating process.  You will get a receipt you can use for tax purposes.

Black Ridge Christmas Sing

B Track
9:30 Kindergaten
9:40 1st Grade
9:50 6th Grade
10:00 4th Grade
10:10 5th Grade
10:20 2nd Grade
10:30 3rd Grade
A Track
12:50 Kindergarten
1:00 1st Grade
1:10 6th Grade
1:20 4th Grade
1:30 5th Grade
1:40 2nd Grade
1:50 3rd Grade

Early Out Monday Schedule

Grades 1-6

  • A Track 8:00-1:15
  • B Track 9:15-2:30


  • AM 9:15-12:00
  • PM 12:35-2:30

Tuesday – Friday Schedule

Grades 1-6

  • A Track 8:00-2:15
  • B Track 9:15-3:30


  • AM 9:15-12:00
  • PM 12:35-3:30

Lunch Schedule

Grade/Teacher Recess/Lunch
6th Byington/Davis 10:41-11:16
6th Woodbury/Williamsen 10:44-11:19
5th Tilley/Woodruff 10:47-11:22
5th Gale/Vander Wilt 10:50-11:25
5th Sterzer/Lepisto 10:53-11:28
4th Slezak/O’Roark 10:56-11:31
4th Ottesen/Joanna Chen 10:59-11:34
4th Edwards/Konold 11:02-11:37
3rd Warwood/Amado 11:06-11:41
3rd DeBry/Wells 11:10-11:45
3rd Guerrero/Dong 11:14-11:49
2nd Roddom/Possible Growth 11:20-11:55
2nd Worlton/Jenny Chen 11:24-11:59
2nd Crenshaw/Rasband 11:28-12:03
1st Fang/Baker 11:32-12:07
1st Wiser/Mortensen 11:36-12:11
1st Parkes/Stamper 11:40-12:15