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Using the map, please follow these directions as we make these important adjustments to the traffic flow around our school. Changes will begin on Tuesday, October 22.
This affects:

  1. drop off at 8:00 AM for students in 1st-6th grades
  2. drop off at 9:15 AM for students in K-6th grades
  3. pick up at 2:15 PM (1:15 PM on Mondays) for students in 1st-6th grades
  4. pick up at 3:30 PM (2:30 PM on Mondays) for students in K-6th grades

This does NOT affect:

  1. Kdg. pick up at 12:00 PM for kindergarten students
  2. Kdg. drop off at 12:35 PM for kindergarten students

Kindergarten parents may continue to pick up their AM kindergarteners and drop off their PM kindergarteners in the lower lot. Parents are expected to continue to follow previous procedures:

  1. Pull forward to pick up or drop off students at the kindergarten playground
  2. Do not leave your car to pick up or drop off students
  3. Parents are NOT allowed to park in the lower lot. If parents need to park, please use the upper parking lot

    and walk down to the kindergarten playground.

  4. Kindergarten buses will continue to pick up and drop off students in the upper driveway.

New Procedures:

  1. All pick up and drop off is to be done in the upper parking lot area with the exception of the above
  2. Two lanes of traffic will be used:
    1. The original drop off/pick up lane between the first two rows of parking stalls (this is NOT a change)
    2. The former bus lane (this is a change)
  3. Each drop off and pick up lane is on the right side. Students should ONLY exit on the right side of their

    car. Left lane is ONLY for driving through and should be kept open.

  4. No parking is allowed in either lane. If parents need to get out of their vehicle for ANY reason, they must

    park in the parking lot.

  5. Buses will now drop off and pick up all students in the lower lot
  6. Parents will not be allowed to enter the lower lot to drop off or pick up students even after buses leave.
  7. Where appropriate to the traffic, parents should make a right turn out of the upper parking lot.
  8. As parents leave the upper parking lot, please be attentive to:
    1. Students crossing at the crosswalk on Sunset Drive just north of the school
    2. Students riding their bikes and scooters up the north side of the school and along the west sidewalk

      along Sunset Drive.

    3. Students crossing to parked cars in the parking lot
  9. Morning kindergarten students should be dropped off at the front of the school. They will be directed to walk down the main stairs, go out to the black top, and walk down to the kindergarten playground.

The main reason for these changes is to move traffic away from SR-73. For this reason, no cars are allowed to wait along Sunset Drive. Cones will be put in “no parking” areas. Any parking along Sunset Drive causes vehicles to have to pull into oncoming traffic in order to go around.

Please DO NOT ask your student(s) to cross lanes of traffic to get to your car in order to save a couple of minutes of time. It takes everyone’s awareness to keep our students safe each day. Additional supervision will be provided around the school to help monitor traffic and students’ safety. Please take suggestions from faculty members with patience and kindness. Our objective is ALWAYS to keep students safe.